Convert Web Pages to Ebooks in MOBI Format using Wget and Calibre

Learn how to convert web pages to Mobi format for easy reading on your Kindle or other e-readers. Follow this simple guide and enjoy your favorite articles on-the-go!

Unlock the Power of ImageMagick: A Beginner's Guide to Image Processing

ImageMagick is a powerful open-source tool for image processing. This tutorial covers the basic commands for image conversion, resizing, cropping, rotating, and adding effects. Learn how to manipulate your images with this tutorial.

Python Number Formatting Made Easy with f-Strings

Learn how to format numbers in Python with f-strings. Use format_spec to specify width, alignment, scientific notation, and more.

Automating Browser Screenshots for Social Media using wcap and Pillow

An article describing how I automated the creation of social media images for two websites with graphics rendered in JavaScript by using screenshots.

Installing and Setting up Python 2.7 on Shared Hosting

This tutorial outlines the steps of installing and setting up Python 2.7 on a shared hosting platform and how to enable the creation of virtual environments.

Customizing Matplotlib's Plotting Styles

A tutorial on how to customize the look and feel of plots created with the Matplotlib library for Python.

Automating Browser Tasks without Distraction on Ubuntu

How to automate browser tasks on Ubuntu using Selenium from Python without displaying a browser window.

(Ab)using Pandas to Migrate Disqus Threads

A short tutorial on how to use the pandas Python toolkit to create a URL map for migrating Disqus comment threads.

Quick and Dirty Site Monitoring with Google Apps Script

A tutorial on how to use Google Drive and Apps Script to set up a free Website monitoring service that runs on Google's infrastructure.

Taking Web Page Screenshots with PhantomJS and Python

A brief tutorial on how to create screenshots with common browser resolutions and save them as PNG files using PhantomJS and Python.

Diving into Ruby, Sinatra and MongoDB on OpenShift

A howto on creating and running an application using Ruby, Sinatra and MongoDB on Redhat's OpenShift platform for hosting apps in the cloud.