David Beazley: The Fun of Reinvention (Screencast)

In his keynote from PyCon Israel 2017 Python expert David Beazley talks about the fun of reinventing things and using and abusing new features in Python 3.6.

Pycon 2015: Beyond PEP 8 by Raymond Hettinger

This talk from PyCon 2015 by Raymond Hettinger is about how to leverage Python language features to writer better and more beautiful code.

Automatic Code Reviews by Carl Crowder

An interesting 20-min talk introducing some of the tools available to analyze and report on your Python code base.

Asset Management in Python by Robert Kluin and Beau Lyddon

This talk from PyCon 2013 by Robert Kluin and Beau Lyddon is about strategies for managing frontend assets like CSS and JavaScript files in Python.

Raymond Hettinger: Transforming code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python

In this talk from PyCon 2013 Python core developer Raymond Hettinger provides a fast-paced overview of Python idioms that make your code faster and more beautiful.

Juan Velasco's Closing Keynote of OpenVis Conf 2013

Video of the closing keynote of OpenVis Conf 2013 by National Geographic magazine Art Director Juan Velasco.

60 Epic Facts about Planet Earth

A video by the Earth Unplugged Crew with 60 epic facts that show why the earth is awesome.