David Beazley: The Fun of Reinvention (Screencast)

David Beazley is one of the leading experts of the Python programming language. He has authored several Python books and packages and is a frequent speaker at Python conferences. Recently he gave one of the keynotes at Pycon Israel 2017 titled The "F" of Reinvention, which was recorded in this screencast.

As often seen in his talks daredevil David performs live coding in an entertaining manner. While doing so he builds a framework for enforcing assertions using new features in Python 3.6 as much as possible. In the course of his presentation he uses decorators, descriptors, function and class annotations and several other new Python language features. David also shows a technique of making names available magically that is even more horrific than star imports and predicts that he'll be quoted as saying "you can fix everything with inheritance", which just happened I guess.

It's very impressive how David uses language features, many Python programmers probably aren't aware of, to build something useful with a relatively small amount of code in just 30 minutes during a conference talk. Hats off to that! He closes with the message to use the awesome features Python has to offer, to bend the language to your needs as appropriate and not to be afraid of reinventing things.

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Tags: python

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