Effective Strategies for Prompting AI Language Models

Learn effective strategies for prompting AI language models, maximizing output, and achieving desired results. Discover best practices and ethical considerations.

Inside ChatGPT: A Self-Interview on Natural Language Processing

Read the first 2 out of 10 questions, along with their answers, from the book 'Inside ChatGPT,' which delves into the fascinating world of natural language processing.

ChatGPT to Markdown - A Bookmarklet to Export Chats

Export your ChatGPT conversations as markdown files with ease using the ChatGPT to Markdown bookmarklet. Preserve and share your valuable interactions conveniently.

Prompting AI Language Models Cheat Sheet

Learn the art of effective prompting for AI language models with this cheat sheet, including key elements, examples, and tips to unlock their full potential.

ChatGPT Explains Recursion in 5 Levels of Difficulty

Discover the concept of recursion explained at various levels of difficulty, from elementary school to college and beyond, as ChatGPT breaks it down in five progressively detailed explanations.

The Chernobyl Disaster Imagined by Artificial Intelligence

I instructed ChatGPT how to create prompts for text to image generation using stable diffusion machine learning models, fed the prompts into InvokeAI to generate images and compiled them in this book.

AI Ethics, Advancements, and Limitations: An Interview with ChatGPT

An interview with ChatGPT, I conducted on March 30th 2023, asking about GPT, creating language models, artificial and human intelligence, potential benefits and risks of AI, ethical considerations, and predictions for the future.