ChatGPT to Markdown - A Bookmarklet to Export Chats

Export your ChatGPT conversations as markdown files with ease using the ChatGPT to Markdown bookmarklet. Preserve and share your valuable interactions conveniently.

A Bookmarklet to Replace Force(s) with Horse(s) based on xkcd 1418

This bookmarklet replaces the words force with horse and forces with horses to make sad news a bit more fun based on xkcd 1418.

Bookmarklet to make reading news more fun xkcd style

This bookmarklet replaces certain pieces of text on Web pages with other texts that supposedly make reading them more fun. Based on xkcd 1288.

YAML Markdown Page Summary Bookmarklet

YAML Markdown Page Summary is a browser bookmarklet that creates a summary of the currently viewed page for use with static site generators.