Web Browser Word Clouds from GitHub Commit Messages

Internet Explorer

Web Browser Word Clouds from GitHub Commit Messages

These word clouds are created from GitHub commit messages that contain references to the 5 Web browsers you can select above: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.

The data is obtained from the GitHub Archive and was last updated on May 24, 2012. A word must at least occur twice across all processed messages mentioning the browser to appear in the corresponding word cloud. Words that look like file names or URLs were removed. A maximum of 500 words is displayed.


In total 4310 messages from the GitHub public timeline contained browser mentions, that matched the regular expression below used in the dataset query resulting in the distribution shown in the bar chart.

Regular Expression to identify Web Browsers

Commit Messages Mentioning Web Browsers
Percentage of Commit Messages with Expressions of Anger

Interpretation of Results

It shouldn't be a surprise that Internet Explorer is the most frequently mentioned browser, but to be fair it's the only one with multiple identifier variants.

While IE followed by optional whitespaces and numbers most likely refers to the browser everybody loves to hate, abbreviations like FF not necessarily refer to Firefox.

Anyway, I think it's safe to assume that Internet Explorer is still the biggest cause of trouble when it comes to front end development and will remain to be for many moons to come.


The word clouds are rendered using the awesome Data-Driven Documents (d3) and d3 cloud JavaScript libraries.

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