Expressions of Emotions in Commit Messages

An exploration of expressions of emotions, issues and swearing in GitHub commit messages based on data from the GitHub Archive.

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Python Script to Delete Delicious Bookmarks

A Python script to delete all bookmarks from the Delicious bookmarking service for the authenticated user.

(Ab)using Pandas to Migrate Disqus Threads

A short tutorial on how to use the pandas Python toolkit to create a URL map for migrating Disqus comment threads.

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Daily Calorie Intake in the US from 1970-2010

A stacked area graph to visualize the evolution of calorie intake by food group from 1970-2010 in the United States.

What Area can you Buy for $1M in different US Cities

A set of data visualizations that display what area of land you could buy for 1 million US dollar in different US cities.

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Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook

A review of the Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook that covers text categorization, topic identification, stemming, lemmatization, tokenization, corpus creation and more.

Mining the Social Web

A review of the book Mining the Social Web about collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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A Bookmarklet to Replace Force(s) with Horse(s) based on xkcd 1418

This bookmarklet replaces the words force with horse and forces with horses to make sad news a bit more fun based on xkcd 1418.

Bookmarklet to make reading news more fun xkcd style

This bookmarklet replaces certain pieces of text on Web pages with other texts that supposedly make reading them more fun. Based on xkcd 1288.