Pycon 2015: Beyond PEP 8 by Raymond Hettinger

Python core developer Raymond Hettinger likes PEP 8 except for the line-length limitation, but does not approve of being pep8tified. He argues that there are better ways of improving code than fixing style issues.

In this presentation from Pycon 2015 he gives several examples on how to improve Python code by making it more Pythonic, i. e. using the tools that the language provides to write beautiful and readable code.

I found this talk pretty inspiring and applied several of the best practices to the Logya site generator after watching it. Most of the recent activity visible in the graph below went into reducing complexity by leveraging Python core features.

Logya contributions over time graph
Source: Logya Contributions Graph

For me watching this talk was definitely worthwhile, because it motivated me to make a tool that I often use more readable, testable and thus maintainable. What a nice outcome of watching a video on YouTube.

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